Welcome to the north of Lower-Saxony, the area between the rivers Elbe and Weser. This unique landscape has its origin in the ice ages. The glaciers left sand and millions of stones here, when they melted. What you can see here now, is a high and dry sandy area, as well as large moors.

It is easy to walk or cycle in this beautiful and wide nature with its typical plants and animals. Especially bird stop over here on their way to Scandinavia or to the South, to have a rest on their exhausting journey. In October you may watch thousands of Cranes.

Settlement started here about 3500 years ago. You will find a lot of Neolithic relicts all around. In the middle of the 18. Century the settlement of Devil’s Moor started.  Many old house are still existing from that time on.

From here it is easy to go to the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Stade, Cuxhaven and the areas around. Even the Lüneburger Heide is not far away.

If you like to learn more about the region, where I was born and grown up, where I feel home, don’t hesitate to contact me. As a professional guide I would be pleased to show you the region as well as the nearby cities.